Tips for Buying a Home

When buying a home, there are many factors you should consider. First, you need to select an area in which to begin looking. After you have a general idea of where you want to live, you should research the area’s home values, as well as commute time to work and school. And if you have children (or plan to) you'll definitely want to consider the quality of the school system in the area.

The following infographic covers cities that are in Sacramento County and Placer County such as Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, and Folsom. Take a look at the map to see where these cities are in relation to one another and the state of California.


Rocklin is home to many white collar citizens and has a very high quality of life. This area is known for being a family oriented community and for having some of the top ranking schools in California. Making it's motto "A Family Community" far more than just a passing statement. Rocklin offers a short commute time, often being ten minutes or less to and from work and is also known for it's abundance of parks and recreation space amongst rolling hills and old growth oak trees.


Roseville is home to several tech companies, working class citizens, and one of the largest economies in the state of California. Roseville's property values are generally more affordable and have greater potential for upward movement than many of the surrounding communities. As more and more people move to Roseville, the city will continue that trend. Indeed in 2012 it was Placer County's fastest growing city, it's population increasing by 1.2%. If a short commute time from home to work is what you are looking for, then Roseville is the perfect city to live in.


Folsom is a mix of high to medium incomes and a multitude of amenities. This area is not ideal for a short commute time although it is closer to freeways and the commute corridors than Granite Bay or El Dorado Hills. Folsom provides great access to recreation on Lake Folsom from a populated suburban community.

Granite Bay & El Dorado Hills

Granite Bay and El Dorado Hills are home to the upper class and even a number of celebrities. Granite Bay is known for having some of the top ranking schools in California and is a community that puts great focus on eduction. The property values in these areas tend to be expensive and are much less likely to see large drops in value due to economic conditions. These areas have less upward movement making them great long term investments. They are isolated from the freeways which makes them less ideal for a short commute time but more desirable to home owners looking for peace and seclusion in highly manicured communities. 


California Home Buying Statistics

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