The Wild West Meets Old World in Grass Valley

Whether you want a home that feels like you just stepped out of the Old West, or one that focuses on the narrow streets and artistic sensibilities of Europe, it may be time to look at homes in Grass Valley.

 From the authentic drive-ins featuring the best classic cheeseburger around, to fall foliage that rivals New England, Grass Valley has a small-town feel without the middle of nowhere to go with it. You can take in the wild part of the West at the local roadhouse, part saloon and part redneck paradise, with a decent steak thrown in for good measure.

 In fact, foodies are likely to find the delights of Grass Valley extend beyond the small town charm and horse-drawn carriages of the Victorian Christmas. Several of the local stores cater to locavores and culinary masters, with a kitchen store featuring three stories of every kitchen implement you can imagine, local farmers’ fruits and veggies, and even gourmet cheeses.

 But choosing to look at Grass Valley homes doesn’t mean you are sacrificing the joys of city life for the historic feel and slower pace. The community is just half an hour from the highway and a short drive to Lake Tahoe or Sacramento. The thriving retirement communities here have found that the pace of life might be a little slower, but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the finer things that they have come to enjoy. In Grass Valley, you truly can have it all.

John LaRosa, PHA Realty Director of Marketing

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