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Sometimes you want to live close to the city without actually living in the city. If that’s your dream, then Roseville condos may be the first place to start looking.

Located just 20 miles northeast of Sacramento, Roseville acts as a buffer between the city’s skyline and the more wide-open spaces of the Sierra Foothills. It’s also a great place to live and work in its own right.

But many people who look at Roseville condos for sale do so because it’s close to everything. The commute into Sacramento is an easy morning drive, and the drive to the mountains is short and easy as well. Equally important, real estate in this nice suburban community offers all the benefits of being outside the city, which include affordable prices with a lower crime rate and

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When you decide to look for a home in the nicest community in northern California, look no further than Granite Bay.

Residents in this small community respect each other’s space. With just 20,000 residents in 21 square miles, your new home will have the privacy and outdoor living space you want with amenities close at hand. Exclusive neighborhoods and luxury homes are the norm here, as are excellent schools, shopping and great recreational opportunities.

Just 25 miles northeast of Sacramento, Granite Bay may have previously been home to an entertainer or star athlete, but now it’s the perfect place for you and your family. The focus here is on quality of life, not the rat race. The crime rate is low and property values are on the rise.


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From quaint little cabins to multi-million dollar estates, every need and budget can be accommodated when looking for homes for sale in Grass Valley. This scenic California charter city is located in Nevada County in the Sierra Nevada Mountain foothills. A small-town lifestyle in the historic gold mining town is appreciated both by the bustling neighborhood of families and the busy retirement community.

Listings have a wide range of prices, from under $100,000 to just under $4 million, with the median cost at about $350,000. Completely remodeled older homes, Victorian showplaces, and modern estates are all found in this lovely community. Most of the properties are spacious single-family dwellings with an average of two to three bedrooms.

Real estate

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Buyers will find that there are homes for sale in Rocklin, CA to fit virtually any budget. The market has a wide variety of properties to view, from detached houses to condos and townhomes. Situated 22 miles northeast of Sacramento, the city is located in Placer County. Families who want to relocate to the area will find easy access to several schools, walking and biking trails, shopping centers, golf courses and a variety of local activities. There are plenty of reasons to move to a new home in Rocklin.

Single-family home options including townhouses, condominiums and other attached units, in the median price range of $250,000 to $500,000, can be found throughout the city. Detached homes are priced at an average of $420,000. In March of 2014 a simple

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There’s something nice about living in a small town. You know everybody. You feel safe. Everybody roots for the same high school football team. When you look at homes for sale in Grass Valley, these are things that make you think it’s a good place to live. 

Then again, there is that nagging voice in the back of your head, the one that says small towns are insulated and can’t offer your family the cultural exposure you want them to have. That voice asks you about art museums and concerts, multi-cultural cuisine and intellectual discourse. Now’s the time for you to tell that little voice just how wrong it is. 

The homes for sale in Grass Valley aren’t thousands of miles from civilization. In fact, Nevada City is just 10 minutes away. Visiting an artist

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Finding the perfect place for your family to call home can be difficult, but Rocklin homes for sale have all the charm of a 1950s television show, with all the modern amenities you want and need. 

We may not really want to live in the ‘50s, but those old black-and-white television shows sure made their neighborhoods look appealing. People knew their neighbors, children rode their bikes in safety, and Saturdays were meant for mowing the lawn and barbequing in the backyard. That idyllic dream of a safe place to raise your family, complete with beautiful homes and nice neighbors, doesn’t have to be a daydream or wishful thinking. 

Rocklin homes for sale can meet almost any family budget, and the community is close enough to outdoor recreation options

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A real estate agent is more than just a person who helps you buy a new home. Your real estate agent acts as your concierge, neighborhood welcome committee, and your advocate when you shop for a new house. When you look for Grass Valley homes for sale, be sure your real estate agent can give you all of these services. 

Real estate agents understand the communities where they sell homes. This means they know where the best restaurants and schools are and where you can find furniture, lighting and home décor accessories. When you move to a new neighborhood or city, you might not know where these businesses are or where to turn for help. Your real estate agent gives you this support when you need it. 

When looking for a new home, you need someone who can

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california real estate market foreclosures

The Housing Market Recovery Continues

The national housing market continues to show signs of improvement but there’s plenty more progress to be made. Due to progressive foreclosure laws in our state, the California real estate market is way ahead of the curve, the foreclosure report shows. The state has made great headway in recovering from the crash with foreclosure numbers that are among the lowest in the nation.

The January 2014 CoreLogic National Foreclosure Report shows promise for continued improvement in the housing market in 2014.

The report states that 48,000 foreclosures were completed in January, a number that is down 19% from the previous 12 months and down a whopping 11.8% from December. That month-to-month drop is indeed

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In today’s housing market, homes sell incredibly fast. Whether you are looking for condos in Roseville, CA, or a single family home in Placer County, it can be overwhelming to attempt to locate your dream home if you just jump in blindly.  Our listings normally receive an offer within a week which means that if you find the home of your dreams, you must act quickly! 

The first step to finding your dream home is to determine exactly what you are looking for in a home. Do you want the advantage of a community pool or exercise room in your condo community? Is it necessary that you be in a certain school district or have a room to use as a home office? Make a list of your requirements before you begin looking. This will help narrow down your search. 

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