Reinelda Wilkerson - REALTOR MRP, SRES

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The Full Story

Born in Madrid, Spain to parents from Mobile, Alabama, Reinelda Wilkerson’s life has always been full of public service; from her father’s and her husband’s military careers to her work for the government, and in her personal life as well. Her commitment to community and to her family represents the same level of commitment and attention she brings to everything else in life, especially her career.

There are many different talents and skills that one can bring to the field of real estate. Reinelda’s previous professional experience as an IRS Auditor and Department of Defense Budget Analyst allows her to provide personalized, attentive, and detail-oriented service to her clients. She loves contracts because of the structure and order that they bring to such a complicated and risky endeavor. And she loves “the hunt”, helping her clients locate and capture their dream home.

Reinelda’s primary goal is to help you accomplish your dreams. When she remembers buying her first home it truly was a dream come true. Indeed, she and her husband had been told by some that it was nothing more than a dream. That’s what drives her to help all of her clients succeed regardless of the hurdles. She likes to say, “Ain’t no mountain high enough. Ain’t no river wide enough.” Reinelda will get you where you want to be.

Her past clients and fellow agents know her for her honesty, resolve, and fairness as well as her cheerful, no-nonsense attitude. She is ALWAYS frank and down-to-earth with her clients so that they aren’t just hearing sugarcoated assurances or being bombarded with exaggerated fears. Reinelda has been licensed since 2006 and she is still excited about meeting new people and helping them discover the joy of home ownership. That’s what we love about her.

Giving back to her community and being of service has always been a crucial part of Reinelda’s life. Currently, she offers her time once a week as a Volunteer Chaplain to those in crisis or in need of comfort at UC Davis Medical Center. Having worked in hospitals on and off throughout her life, she has always been used to assisting those in need of spiritual assurance, motivation, and support. She says, “It allows me to give back to my community and keeps me humble in the presence of God.” If you would like to learn more about the Volunteer Chaplaincy at UC Davis Medical Center, please visit the link.

Reinelda is certified as a Military Relocation Professional (MRP®) and a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SERS®) with the California Bureau of Real Estate. With her family background, it’s no wonder she has a soft spot for members of the Armed Forces and she has firsthand experience being relocated as a member of a military family. She is excited to help members of our Armed Forces relocate their lives and families and to assist in making the process as comfortable as possible. As the senior population of our country continues to grow, this expanding market in real estate brings with it specific needs and concerns that need to be addressed. Reinelda’s certification as a Senior Real Estate Specialist means that she understands these issues and is well equipped to assist buyers in considering those implications.

Reinelda met her husband of 35 years and together they raised their 3 children and now have 2 grandchildren here in California. They all live close by and have family dinner every Sunday. Indeed, Reinelda has lived most of her life in California though she’s also called Spain and North Carolina home as well. Now, she’s ready to help you make California Your Home.

“I want my client to walk in to that one home, and be so certain that this is the one, that I can just see it in their eyes. I’ll get you where you want to be . . . Home.”

-Reinelda Wilkerson

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